Smartbe – smart baby stroller with autopilot

Smartbe Smartway

As you know, an indispensable condition for the functioning of a wheelchair is the need to push it ahead of you. The company Smartbe is going to first save the parents from this by creating a self-propelled “smart” stroller, managed using a special application for the smartphone.

In addition to being able to follow you, Smartbe will have a whole range of technical facilities, including a remote monitoring web camera that allows you to control the child in the stroller from a distance, a transparent dome with a light signal, a wireless speaker with a charger, an air conditioner.

Smartbe Smartway

In addition, the stroller is equipped with a system for heating bottles with baby food. Smartbe, if necessary, cradles the child with a rocking chair with an electric drive. There is also a self-tightening seat belt and an anti-theft sensor. In total, Smartbe has a dozen functions that can be controlled with Android and iOS applications, as well as with smart watches.

The manufacturer launched the company on Indiegogo in order to collect 80,000 dollars necessary for starting production. For the first 3 days it was already possible to collect about 5000 dollars. Loving parents will be able to buy a miracle-wheelchair for 2750 dollars.

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