Article marketing can increase sales, strengthen reputation and generate demand for a new product. But even more effective this tool becomes, if it is possible to achieve WOW-effect.

Marketing in business is impossible without the creation of useful content for the target audience. We emphasize, not advertising, but interesting material. This is especially true for the promotion of a new product. To go sales, first you need to create a market, to convey to the audience the value of a new product or service, to generate demand. Article marketing is good at this.

As an example, you can bring the experience of entering the market of the Chinese manufacturer of headphones Bluedio. Articles on popular resources, deliberately youth humor in infographics and banners, as well as work with video bloggers brought them about5,800,000 views in the period from March to May 2017.

Completely unknown to the Russian market, the company sold over 6000 headphones in three months, earned a good reputation and gained recognition in the key segment.

An example of humorous posts in the advertising campaign Bluedio

Companies that already work in the market can also use the promotion with useful articles. This type of content allows you to create a positive image, does not require additional investment after publication, improves SEO performance, generates quality leads.

We recommend reading the article in the Webartex project blog about how to use the capabilities of article marketing to solve business problems. In the meantime, we will discuss how the WOW-effect works to attract customers.

Articles as a sales tool

Article marketing as an integral part of content marketing:

  • works for a long-term perspective;
  • gives a viral effect;
  • cheaper than traditional advertising channels;
  • I did not have time to get myself an audience;
  • improves SEO-indicators.

But this tool can be strengthened by offering content to the target audience, which gives the WOW-effect. We collected five different, but interesting examples of article marketing.

Useful articles and infographics in your own blog

ShoreTel Sky is a company that provides cloud telephone services. To increase brand awareness and improve SEO-indicators, the provider began publishing articles on its blog to interesting people. And to make them more viral, regularly created thematic infographics.

As a result, traffic to the site has increased by 50% in six months, the number of external links has grown three-fold, and users have become 42% more likely to make a purchase.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

Thematic infographics helped increase sales

Posts in social networks, videos, advertising and PR articles on authoritative resources

Zillidy is a consumer lending company. To attract the attention of the press and encourage people to be active in social networks, on the main page of the Zillidy site and in social networks there were videos and posts, in the blog – educational thematic articles and lifhaki, in the media of the Huffington Post and New York Times – interesting PR texts.

As a result, the number of subscribers in social networks has increased 10-fold. Search scans for the first 10 months of the campaign increased by 1350%. Links to the content Zillidy shared 2500 times.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

Useful posts have made Zillidy recognizable

No less interesting example – a case of service for fans to cook CookSmarts . In order to increase brand awareness and expand the audience of active users, it was decided to publish useful infographic and entertaining articles on external resources.

The first article “50 simple salads for each season” was posted on the popular Lifehacker site and was instantly widely used on the Internet. The target audience willingly used a new approach to cooking, and went to the CookSmarts website to get more information.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

A useful article about cooking will be in demand today, tomorrow, in a year

White books

LinkedIn is a social business platform. To strengthen the image of a comfortable environment for communication of professionals, not just an article was created, but an e-book for 27 pages. “Native advertising: What is this. How to create it “with useful tips, statistics, examples of strategies.

The material was a great success, because users had the opportunity to learn something new to improve their professional skills. It was unusual, interesting, amazing. As a result, the trust to the LinkedIn platform has grown, new users have come.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

An article that has become a book. LinkedIn can surprise

Another example of the use of this format is the experience of the Canadian representative office of McDonald’s. To increase the audience’s trust in the brand, to return it to their restaurants, the Canadian branch of McDonald’s prepared a phenomenal article that answered 10,000 customer questions. A great way to build strong relationships with people is to tell the truth about the company. People appreciated their openness, the reputation of the restaurant in Canada was restored.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

Here there are all the answers to questions about food in McDonald’s

Please note, all these examples unite the desire of business owners to create something useful and unusual. WOW-effect worked, the audience received valuable content, and the company – a powerful reaction in the form of sales, increasing recognition and traffic to the site. But there is one more important point that has increased the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

It’s about the distribution of content.

Where to promote content and how to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

It is important not only to generate good content, but also to correctly communicate it to the target audience. The main channels of distribution, which, with a competent approach, give a quick result and powerful feedback:

  • Mass media, thematic sites, profile communities and forums;
  • groups and posts in social networks;
  • groups in instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp);
  • emails;
  • opinion leaders, niche experts and (video) bloggers.

Everything seems simple, but there is one thing: with a large-scale advertising campaign it is impossible to control all communication channels . Therefore, it is advisable to use the services-aggregators, in which you can select a blogger, a VKontakte group or any other site for placing advertising information.

A good example of this service is the Webartex platform . You can manage an advertising campaign from a single office. Everything is clear and everything is at hand. And if there are difficulties with the selection of sites, you can ask technical support.

The result

Content marketing in general, and especially article marketing – is not just a PR-technology. This is a consistent and unobtrusive formation of habits necessary for the brand of the target audience. Which, in turn, will translate the received ideas further, attracting new fans of the brand. Free, sincere and long.

A useful article or other content with WOW-effect gives traffic from search engines, generates a large number of backlinks, forms an image of expertise. This is link building, built on trust and mutual respect. Therefore, we recommend using all the possibilities of article marketing to promote the company in the market.