DARPA develops a brain implant to manage computers

Brain and computer

The Advanced Development Agency DARPA is working on the creation of an implant chip, through which the human brain can interact and control the operation of computers.

Neuroimplant is designed to increase the speed of communication with computers, which will lead to the creation of a new type of electronic devices that are subject to the power of human thought. To do this, DARPA specialists will translate the “language” of the electrochemical reactions of neurons into binary machine code. In size, the chip will be miniature, roughly like two coins stacked on top of each other.

As follows from the statement of the head of the program on creation of neuroengineering systems of Philip Alveld, the new technology will give an opportunity to overcome the problems arising at creation of systems of communication “brain-computer”:

“To date, even the most advanced interface that connects the human brain and computer, looks like a situation where two supercomputers are trying to communicate through an old 300-modem. Just imagine what opportunities will open before people, when we create a truly open channel. “

Brain ComputerThe existing technologies can not boast of high accuracy

While electronic devices will “learn” to fix brain activity, users will have to undergo special training in the formation of special signals in the brain that these devices can easily detect.

The created system can be used on the battlefield as a channel for obtaining information, and also as a means of treating brain disorders.

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